Groups Golf

Luiz Martins
Luiz Martins
Luiz Martins

Groups Golf

PGA Brazil Master Professional - PGA of Canada Member - PGA Sudamericana Member

New adult classes enrolling now! Group Lesson is available summer and the winter.
This is task which brings satisfaction and aims to transform the need to learn, practice and play in a relaxed and entertaining activity.
The group lesson has the objective of captivating people and paving the way to a quick, easy and fun learning experience, using natural and specific methods which only Professionals know.
The group lesson shows to clients that golf is not about complicated rules and difficulty to control clubs and the ball.
They have fun and stick to the game.

Attend the Golf Clinic:

 Set Up and Address
 How to grip
 Posture and Stance
Proper Alignment in golf
Ball Position
 How to swing a golf club

Swing Fundamentals:

 The Grip (for lefties too)
  The Stance (feet position and distance)
  Posture (in biomechanical terms)
  Alignment (aiming)
.   Ball Position (importance of such)
  Center of Swing
  Torso Turn and Weight Transfer
  Benefits of Turn and Transfer
  Aids for Improvement

1 Person 1hr $100 5 lessons series $350
2 Group of 2 1hr $140 5 lessons series $430
3 Group of 3 1hr $180 5 lessons series $540
4 Group of 4 1hr $200 5 lessons series $800
4 Group of 5 1hr $215 5 lessons series $1.075